Bell Plastics acquires National Taxi Cab Supply

National Taxi Cab Supply

Bell Plastics of Hayward, CA has acquired the assets of National Taxi Cab Supply. Founded in 1956 National Taxi Cab Supply has been providing Taxis and Limos with everything they need to run their business. Supplying everything but the vehicles and drivers. With strong internet competition NTCS product line has dwindled to only their top lights and meters were left. The only thing National Taxi Supply still made in house was their high quality top lights that they built the business on.

One great thing about National Taxi Cab Supply’s top lights is that each top light is still made to order. So if you want a red main light with a white vacancy light on top. We can supply it with your choice of lettering and different color tat-tail lights. And we do it 95% of the time in 24 hours.


The top lights will fit well with Bell Plastics’ other production lines. Bell Plastics has already added back, some top lights that have been discontinued due to aging machinery with more planned for early 2017. There are still 20 plus molds that have not been run in over 20 years.

Bell Plastics is also planning to keep a large supply of stock top lights for customers that can’t wait the 1-2 days it takes to make one from scratch.

National Taxi Cab Supply was still manufacturing the top lights the same way they did in 1956 when they opened. Bell Plastics drew on its 38 years of custom plastics knowledge to redesign most of National Taxi Cab Supply manufacturing methods and the lights.

We have temporarily stopped selling and installing meters. Several manufactures of meters have asked us to carry their lines. However we are waiting until we know a little more about what people want in a meter.

We see good things in National Taxi Cab Supply’s future and are looking forward to working with their suppliers and customers.

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National Taxi Cab Supply top light
National taxi cab supply top light
National taxi cab supply Yellow cab light
National taxi cab supply white cab light
National taxi cab supply white cab light