Mister Fix-It    –    Hayward Giant Man

Bell Plastics of Hayward giant man.

Hayward giant man, Fit-it specal delivery

Mister Fix-it comes home.

One of the International Fiberglass, original giant men, Mister Fix-It.

We call him Mister Fix-it because he needs lots of fixing! People keep asking “when are you going to fix it”. Mister fix-it came with his own ax, hammer and saw.

He is going into the shop in a couple months for some much needed repairs.

Mister Fix-it is jointing Big Mike and Cowboy Don at Bell Plastics’ Hayward, CA plant.

If you have stories, pictures, or remembrances of Mister Fix-it’s life before Bell Plastics, we’d love to hear them! Please call or email us.

When we bought our Santa statue, we sent a truck to pick him up. The truck driver called me and told me there also was a second statue there for sell. It turned out to be our Mister Fix-it.

hayward giant man, Bruce and Mister Fit-it

Bruce with Mister Fix-It

Hayward giant man, Mister Fix-it

Mister Fix-it

Hayward giant man, Mister Fix-it and Big Mike

Mister Fix-it with Big Mike