Polycarbonate, PC, ESD PC, BR PC, Polycarbonate Bending, Polycarbonate Fabrication

Polycarbonate fabrication color chips

Polycarbonate chips, the colors require minimum orders.

Need a very tough material?

Try Polycarbonate is an extremely durable material with high impact-resistance, but low scratch resistance. Therefore a hard coating is applied to polycarbonate eye-wear lenses and polycarbonate automotive components to prevent scratching from routine use.

Regular sheet comes in thickness .020 to 1/2 inch.

While thinner sheets .020 to .093 only come in 48 inch X 96 inch sheets

Thicker sheets .125 to .500 besides coming in 48 inches X 96 inches sheets. However they also come in larger size sheet 48″ X 120″, 60″ X 120″, 60″ X 96″, 60 X 120″, 72″ x 96″, 72″ X 120″.

Colors for 48″ X 96″ are clear, black and white. Most likely oversize sheets “anything about 48″ X 96” are only going to be clear.

PC is not as clear as acrylic. If glass is 100% clear, acrylic 99% clear, then polycarbonate would be 97% clear. The thicker it gets the less you can see through it.

Machine grades polycarbonate comes clear-grey and is not polished from the factory.

You have to have special grades for outside. Regular sheet is only good for 3 to 5 years outside.

FR PC meets UL 94-V0

Sign colors clear and white polycarbonate.

The great thing is  you can get any length up to 100 fet

36 wide

54 wide

76 wide

Thick roll .150 clear and white

Bending Polycarbonate

Need Polycarbonate bent? We bend windows, safety guards, hatch covers, tubes, and many things that we have no idea what used for. We can bend polycarbonate rods and tubes.

Polycarbonate fabrication window

Boat with polycarbonate window.

Mechanical Grade Polycarbonate is made to be machined on all 6 sides. So the surface is unfinished and the thickness will always be oversized so you can cut it down to your exact thickness.

After you machine polycarbone, if you want it clear you can polish the finished part. Every machine mark will show, they will just be clear.

You can get Mechanical Grade with 3% to 30%  fiberglass in it. Most of the time it will only come in black.

ESD Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate fabrication machine guard

We also make polycarbonate machine guard.

ESD “Electro Static Discharge” Polycarbonate rolls and sheets.

To made the sheet “Electro Static Discharge” Acrylic or Polycarbonate. One or both sides of the sheet is sprayed with an ESD coating. With rolls of Polycarbonate, the material runs through a tank coating both sides at the same time. The ESD coating can wear off over time. With sheets like ABS or HDPE sheet the ESD is inside the sheet and will not wear off.

Because the ESD on Polycarbonate is a coating it will interfere with gluing two pieces together. When the sheet is cut it will remove the ESD coating from the edge of the sheet that was cut. To glue the clean edge to the face of a second sheet you will need to sand or scrap the ESD coating from the face of the sheet.

All rolls are special order.

Any thickness of Polycarbonate can be coated.

You have to have a special ESD coating on Polycarbonate in order to bend it without it yellowing.

Bell Plastics bends and fabricates ESD Polycarbonate.

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate

BRM Polycarbonate

To keep the plastic clear it is layered. Sometimes it is layered with glass on the outside to make it easier to clear. Layering also makes it much stronger.

If you want to cheat you can get Bullet Resistant materials that they can’t shoot you but you can shoot at them.

Always keep in mind that it is only “RESISTANT” if someone is bound and determined they can get you.

BRM comes in different classes

Level 1-6 Caliber Grains Grams Number of Shots
Level 1,     3/4 inch BR 9MM 124 Grains  8.00 Grams 3
Level 2,     1 inch BR .357 158 Grains  10.20 Grams 3
Level 3,     1.25 inches BR .44 240 Grains  15.60 Grams 3
Level 4,     1.25 inches MS .30 180 Grains  11.70 Grams 1
Level 5,     1.25 inches MS 7.62 150 Grains  9.70 Grams 1
Level 6,     1.25 inches MS 9MM 124 Grains  8.00 Grams 5
Polycarbonate Thickness MM Thickness Decimal Thickness Inches Weight 12 X 12 48 X 96
1.50 MM .063 1/16 .38  12.16
.080 .49  15.68
2.36 MM .093 3/32 .56  17.92
3.00 MM .118 1/8 .73  23.36
4.5 MM .177 3/16 1.09  34.88
6.00 MM .236 1/4 1.46  46.72
9.00 MM .354 3/8 2.16  69.12
12.00 MM .472 1/2 2.88  92.16
18.00 MM .705 3/4 4.32  138.24
25.00 MM .940 1.0 5.76  184.32

Deflection temperature of Polycarbonate is  “test D-696” load 1.82 mpa, 264lbs. 135C or 275F