Steel Rule Dies and Die Cutting and Stamping

Bell Plastics does die cutting. We have roller die cutting presser that are 54 inch wide and small clicker presses. With roller die cutter you can make the cutting die as long as you want. If you need a part 30 X 96 inches you can cut it in one piece. Both roller die cutters and clicker presser use steel rule dies. Although we sometime buy dies from outside vendor we have everything in house to make and repair our own steel rule dies in house.  The ability to make or repair a broken tool in the middle of the night has helped to keep production going more than once. It also can help speed parts into production.

steel rule die, Clicker press

Clicker Press

steel rule die

Parts cut with a steel rule die, before and after.

Small steel rule die

Small steel rule die.

steel rule die parts and material

3/16 foam and finished parts.

steel rule die, finished parts

Finished parts 3/16 foam.

Need something made? We make all kinds of things. Besides steel rule dies we also do fabrication, vacuum forming and machining. Need a steel bracket to go with your part? We can make the steel bracket or a stainless steel bracket in house. Since 1979 Bell Plastics we custom make thousands of parts every year. We do plastic forming for anything from boat windshield to guard bigger then your car. Looking for less we also do little parts. Give us a call and see it we can help. 510 – 784 – 1111