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At Bell Plastics we make things and we have been making lots and lots of things since 1979. We are a tear of custom fabricators with hundreds of years of fabrication experience between us. Our tool list is incredible ranging from simple hand routers to specialty tools for cutting, bending, milling, and welding plastics. Between our talented craftsmen people and our large stock of plastic (film, sheets, tubes and rods), foam, wood and metal, we can make anything you need.

Our parts have been “to space” and around the world. With the largest oven around, we can bend your custom boat windshield or a 6 foot by 14 foot safety guard. We can vacuum form parts from the size of a dime to as big as a car. Both vacuum forming projects can be done on vacuum forming tooling that was made here in our 21,000 square foot plant.

Understanding the importance of time, we keep lead times as short as possible. If your plant is down, we have been known to work all night to get you back up and running. When you need something repaired we can find a way to get it done here or at your site.

We still have a one part minimum and if you need 10,000 or 1,000,000 parts we have the tools and people to get your job done.

Custom windscreens, windshields and windows for vehicles.

Vacuum forming is a molding process that involves heating a sheet of plastic until it becomes soft and pliable then forming it over a mold.

We specialize in custom design and prototype development. With a full range of CAD and CNC capabilities, we can help you develop whatever you dream up.

1 or 1,000,000 parts CALL us.

Need a show stopper and crowd maker!


After finding Bell Plastics on the internet I drove down into the industrial bowels of Hayward one on rainy afternoon to talk with the proprietor about a small fabrication project. The area was quiet and very gray due to the weather. Turning onto National Ave all of a sudden there appear colorful plastic giants- a cowboy, lumberjack, Santa Claus and more. It was a rather surreal moment. Welcome to Bell Plastics, Hayward.

Contracting a fabricator you haven’t worked with before is always risky since you’re obligated to pay them for their work even if the final product is not what you had in mind. Especially after hiring one previously who didn’t deliver on quality or specs.

So I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of a recent award prototype that i designed which included steel fabrication and acrylic with engraving. The owner Bruce Kennedy provided not only a reasonable estimate, but offered some useful suggestions on improving the design, and provided helpful answers to more technical questions. When I asked him if he could speed the delivery date of the award by one day, he had it completed two days ahead of schedule.

Don’t be fooled by the “plastics” in the name, as they do work with other materials.


Big Mike

Dean H. Berkeley, CA
Bell Plastics, Big Mike, Hayward, CA

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