PP Polypropylene

Polypropylene (PP) (Polypro) is tough, flexible, and resistant to many chemical solvents, making it an excellent choice for industrial tanks.

Stock sheet are 48 inches X 96 inches, 48 inch X 120 inches, 60 inches X 96 inches, and 60 inches X 120 inches. However most distburts only stock 48 inch X 96 inch sheets.

Stock color are natural and white. Black, blue and orange can be ordered. Whites very by sheet manufactures welding rod needs to be matched to the sheet manufactures.

Natural sheets are more chemical resistant then other color, it also changes color over time. With natural PP you have to buy all the sheets at the same time from the same manufacture which adds to the cost of the manufacturing.

Stock sheet has no UV inhibitor.

Polypropylene is weld-able, which gives it an advantage where large parts need to be securely bonded.

Bell Plastics’ open house

This year’s open house is Sunday Aug 16th 2020, 10AM to 7PM. There is a car show, machines demos, juggling, sample, shop tours and good food.

Everyone is invited.

Machine demo’s include vacuum forming, plastics polishing, die cutting, laser cutting, CNC routing, CNC milling and more.

Please email info@bellplastics.com if you want to show your car or volunteer to help out.

T-Shirts, hats, coloring book are for sale at the open house.

All proceed go to Big Mike’s statue repair fund.

More about Bell Plastics

We make all kinds of things. Besides PP sheets, tubes and rods and PP tanks hoods and duct, we also do custom plastic and metal fabrication, vacuum forming and machining. Need a steel bracket to go with your part? We can make the steel bracket or a stainless-steel bracket in house. Since 1979 Bell Plastics we custom make thousands of parts every year. We do plastic forming for anything from boat windshield to guard bigger than your car. Looking for less we also make small  parts. Give us a call and see it we can help.

Bell Plastics 2020 National Ave. Hayward, CA 94545, 510 – 784 – 1111