Need something bent?

Need a 2 inch thick custom acrylic window?

How about a 1/2 inch thick 6 foot X 6 foot custom polycarbonate window or guard?

Does your submarine need a new 1 inch acrylic domed window?

How about a new 1/4 inch thick 6 foot X 16 foot plexiglass barrier to keep unwanted finger out of you display?

Want a round fish tank?

Are your car light covers old and yellowed?

Over the years we have made all of the above.

We also have made hundreds of custom boat window and windshields, machine guards, safety guards, custom boat parts, custom vacuum formed covers.

We have sheet of acrylic 9 feet X 15 feet and the ovens to bend them.

Acrylic pull handles

Need a tube bent?

We can bend a 3 inch tube 96 inch long 30 inch circle?
Or a flat sheet of 1 inch acrylic bent? 
With custom tubes, how many seam?
Two seam most of the time is cheaper then one seam. inch diameter, one seam comes from a 96 inch sheet.

38 inch diameter, one seam, from a 120 inch sheet.

44 inches long is cheaper than 48 inches long tube.

56 inches long is cheaper than a 60 inch long tube.


The same hold for a dome after 44 inches X 44 inches cost skyrocket.

Please keep in mind the bigger and thicker the part is the more it cost to bend. Once you go past a 48 X 96 sheet costs can skyrocket. The freight on a 1/2 X 48 X 96 sheet of clear acrylic is $0.0. The freight for 1/2 X 48 X 96 sheet of gray acrylic is $90.00 sometimes there is a $65.00 pallet charge. If I only order one sheet 9 feet X 15 feet of acrylic the freight is about $700.00 plus a $125.00 pallet charge without the sheet.

Large polycarbonate tube

1/16 Polycarbonate

Clear PC tube movie prop

1/16 Polycarbonate