Have an idea?  We can help with Prototype Development

We specialize in custom design and prototype development. With a full range of AutoCAD and CNC capabilities, we can help you develop whatever you dream up. We can work directly from your CAD file or schematics, or just show us what you need, show us a sample piece, or even bring us broken pieces and we’ll figure it out from there. We love a good puzzle!

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Prototype Development

We make hundreds and hundreds of prototype every year. Whether it is a start from scratch project or you need a 1/16 of an inch cut off your part we can do it for you.

Our manufacturing plant has the equipment needed to cut, bend, machine, thermoform, rotational mold, and even injection mold parts. We’ve manufactured giant tanks that took semi-trucks to deliver, and machine parts so tiny that you have to hold them to the light to see the drilling detail.

It only took 25 plus designs on paper to get it just right.

We work with a wide range of materials and distributors to help you keep your project on time and on budget. Not sure what materials you want? Unsure of the differences between Delrin and Teflon? Meet with one of our plastics specialists to help you compare materials and decide what works best.

Not local? We work with UPS and a number of freight providers to deliver your parts around the world and on time. Local but don’t have time to pick up?  We can have hand deliver in hours of completion.