Plastic materials

With so many plastic materials available from vacuum form able styrene to new Eco friendly materials. Picking one can be a problem. Bell Plastics works with a wide variety of materials. Bell Plastics will work with you to find the right plastic for your project.

While Eco friendly materials sound great. They are not here yet in small quantities. So if you want to build your 10 parts from a Eco friendly material the best thing you can do is to use a GP ABS it is a mixture of regrind an virgin. If you need 600,000 parts you have a wide choice of materials.

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Acrylic sheets, tubes and rods

Need a super material? Meet acrylic. It is a super versatile plastic material both formable and bondable. Available in many colors, clear, opaque and mirrored, as well scratch and bullet resistant.

Additionally acrylic is one of the best material for outdoors. Some boat windshields we replace are 30 to 40 years old.

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Polycarbonate sheets, tubes and rods

Polycarbonate is versatile, impact resistant and easily machined. Available in black, white, clear, tinted and even bullet-resistant options!

Less clear then acrylic nor does it last as long out doors 3-5 years.

ABS sheets, tubes, pipes and rods

ABS is one of the most versatile plastics on the market. It easily vacuum forms, machines, shaped, bent, and bonded. Also ABS is rigid and impact resistant.

Ease of vacuum forming and low cost makes ABS a good choice for many parts.

Because it is so strong. ABS is the only material used for high pressure air lines.

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ABS heat deflection temperature is 210°F. Specific Gravity 1.08

PVC sheets, film, tubes, pipe and rods

PVC is durable and low cost. It can be machined and thermo formed into nearly anything you can imagine.

Since it is so cheap it every where.

Styrene sheets and films

Styrene is great for vacuum forming packing and signs. Tubes and rods are not available.  It comes in a variety of grades including impact resistant and food safe varieties.

It is not good out door.

Acetal – Delrin ™

Delrin is an incredible engineering plastic. It has excellent dimensional stability and low friction, making it ideal for high performance parts. It machines beautifully and is chemically resistant, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Need a higher worker temperature Acetal gets way up there.

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PTFE sheets, tubes and rods.

PTFE, Super chemical resistant with a extremely low friction material. It’s easily machined and its low friction coefficient makes it perfect for use in machine parts.

Also it has a very high working temperature.

Polypropylene sheets, pipe and rods

Polypropylene is tough and flexible. It welds and is resistant to many chemical, as a result its an excellent choice for industrial tanks.

It also has a higher temperature rating making it dish washer save.

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Polyethylene sheets, pipes and rods

Polyethylene is every where! Food and water is served in it. Purchases are package and bagged in it. Beany Babies are also stuffed with it! Because it has great flow rates when heated it is super for rotational molding.

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UHMW is heavy duty form of polyethylene

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Heat Deflection temperature @ 66 lbs = 203F  or 95C @ 264, @ 264 lbs = 180F or 82C Specific Gravity .93 to .94

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