Custom Plastic Forming

Bell Plastics does more custom plastic forming than anyone around. Mostly because we almost never say no.

  • Strip forming
  • Drape forming
  • Cold forming
  • Vacuum forming
  • Brakes for plastics and metal forming
  • Thermo forming
  • Large radius forming
  • Match plate forming
  • Large forming ovens

What ever it takes to make your parts we can do in house.

LINK to Vacuum Forming Page

Boat Window LINK

We can take a piece of 1 inch acrylic and change it into a dome, a tube, curved window.

plastic forming, bending rods, acrylic bent rod,

3/4 Inch acrylic rods bent

ABS cover

Custom bent PVC pipe with belled ends

Clear PVC pipe we belled the ends and 45ed the tubes

At Bell Plastics we almost never say no. If you only need one part it is OK. Need 50 parts that is OK too. Need a steel bracket to go with your part? We can make the steel bracket or a stainless steel bracket in house. Since 1979 Bell Plastics we custom make thousands of parts every year. We do plastic forming for anything from boat windshield to guard bigger then your car. Looking for less we also do little parts.

How to start? Give us a call. 510 – 784 – 1111