Acrylic Sheet Fabrication clear acrylic chips

Acrylic chips

Acrylic or PMMA or Poly-methyl-methacrylate 

Comes in sheets, rods or blocks, with a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and attributes. Lightweight and shatter resistant, acrylics can be vacuum-formed, cut, bonded, bent, and cast.

Extruded or Cast

Acrylic rod is strong, durable, lightweight and can be easily fabricated, bent, and glued.

Extruded rods are available in diameters from 0.125″ to 2.0,″ and cast rods are available in diameters from .5″ to 6.0″

You can special order colors red, blue, green and orange. Depending on the product some special orders may be hundreds of feet.

Acrylic Sheet Fabrication clear and acrylic rods samples.

Acrylic rod samples.

Acrylic weights

inch millimeters weight per square foot (lb/ft^2) weight per sheet (4’x8′) lbs
1/16″(.060) 1.5 0.365 11.680
5/64″(.080) 2 0.471 15.072
1/10″(.098) 2.5 0.582 18.624
1/8″(.118) 3 0.694 22.208
3/16″(.177) 4.5 1.071 34.272
1/4″(.236) 6 1.424 45.568
3/8″(.354) 9 2.136 68.352
1/2″(.472) 12 2.879 92.128
3/4″(.708) 18 4.322 138.304
1″ 24 5.759 184.288

Acrylic mirror

Acrylic mirror has many advantages over glass mirror. You can get it in colors, it is harder to break, you can bend it, it is much lighter, and you can also drill holes in it.

Bending acrylic mirror

You can strip bend acrylic mirror. Strip bending acrylic mirror gives you a sharp bend, however it will discolor the material where the heat comes in contact with the mirror backing. You can make larger radius bends by bending it cold.

You need special drill bits to drill acrylic.

Acrylic Sheet Fabrication

Acrylic is great for making things, boat windshields, windows and hatch covers. Trade show and counter displays. Dome and skylights. Boxes, fish tanks, machine covers and guards. Car windows, motorcycle windshields and back splash shields. Taxi roof lights. Bullet Resistant windows.

We have it from 1/32 inch to 4 inches thick. 

You need special drill bits to drill holes in acrylic.

It easy to cut, polish, bend, vacuum form, drape form.

You can silk screen it and vinyl letters stick to it.

It last years outdoor. Some of the acrylic boat window we replace are 40 years old.

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Acrylic heat deflection temperature 195° F.  Specific gravity 1.11