Meet Cowboy Don!

Cowboy Don is completely restored to better than new condition! He now joins Big Mike in front of Bell Plastics’ Hayward, CA plant. Hayward CA Muffler Man!

Cowboy Don close up

Meet Cowboy Don and Big Mike

Cowboy Don’s History:

Cowboy Don was originally a Philips 66 gas cowboy in Boonesville, MO. When Philips 66 sold the gas station. The new owner renamed him the MU Cowboy and painted him the local school’s colors. Later after the gas station closed and he was sold at auction to a private party bought him and stored for over 10 years in his yard. Bruce purchased the giant Cowboy in April of 2013. However when Cowboy Don arrived in Hayward he was need of major repairs. After months of work he is now restored to better then new condition and back at Bell Plastics’ Hayward CA plant. Bruce renames him Cowboy Don.

Cowboy gets a lift

Finally after months of repairs and reattaching his head and hat. On August 26th, 2013, we moving him into position. Then with a mighty heave, we raised him onto his new slab! After walking Cowboy Don into place and bolted down, He took his place on along side Big Mike at Bell Plastics’ Hayward, CA plant.  Be sure to come by and say hi before having your picture taken with him and Big Mike!

Cowboy Don gets a lift

Cowboy Don getting a lift.

Hayward CA Muffler Man – Cowboy Don

Cowboy Don first stands

Cowboy Don stands 22 feet tall.

Now, you can even take home your own Mini Cowboy Don or Mini Mike Bobble head! Both are available through our website or at our Hayward CA plant!

Mini Cowboy Don bubble head doll

Mini Cowboy Don meets his larger twin.

Bell Plastics of Hayward, CA – Giant Men

Cowboy Don & Big Mike

Mini Mike bubble head doll

Mini Mike with Big Mike, Hayward’s original muffler man.