Giant Men – Muffler Men

So you want a crowd pleasing show stopper, look no farther. Bell Plastics’ giant men are a real blast from the pass. International Fiberglass started making giant men in 1962 +/-. Since Bruce first adopted one of International Fiberglass’ giant men, Big Mike in 2011. He has probably collect the largest collection of giant men anywhere. The collection now includes several muffler men an Uniroyal Girl, two Doggie Diner heads and even a Santa. When visiting you should also watch out for the dinosaurs. Don’t worry Turok our dinosaur hunter keeps them out of the offices.

Because he is Bruce it didn’t take long to start making his own statues. While it started with Bruce making a new head for Big Mike’s Halloween costume. Later named Halloween Mike. It has mushroomed into complete sets of molds for the Giant men, Miss America, Mortimer Snerd, and the giant Cowboy.

We can build you a giant man of your own.  Repair and repaint your muffler man or other statue. Rent you one for a day or a month.

Giant men, making head

Danny E with the 2nd head we made. Uncle Sam.

Giant man, Uncle Sam head adding hat

Uncle Sam middle way.

Giant man, Uncle Sam before paint

Uncle Sam ready for paint.

Uncle Sam head

Using a mold made from an original muffler man we made the head in two pieces and then seamed the to pieces together. A custom hat and cloth suit was also  made for our Uncle Sam.  Due to rather high winds the cloth suit only lasted 45 minutes. We went inside for lunch and the suit was gone when we came out.

We have 3 different heads on display at our Hayward, CA plant.  The Demon and the Frankenstein heads are on statue in October and the Uncle Sam during July.

Giant men, repairs

Repairs in progress.

Giant man, Moretimer Snard repairs

Mortimer Snard ready for paint.

gaint men, deamon head

Halloween Mike our first head.

Customize your giant

We tailor every giant to our customer’s wants and needs. There are different heads to pick from or we can make you a custom head. You get to pick the paint colors and add your logo. We also make hats,  pipe wrenches, hockey sticks, golf clubs and hammers.

Every giant comes with feet tie downs and shoulder eye bolts for cables. We will provide a drawing of the bolt down pattern.

Giant men

One day our giant men will take over the world. Bruce is just waiting for the day to push the button that activates them. Look out they are coming.

LINK to Big Mike

Cowboy Don LINK

giant man, cowboy don, internation fiberglass

Cowboy Don 22 feet tall.

Giant man, doggie diner head

Bill with a Doggie Dinner head.

giant man, santa, international finerglass

Santa 13 feet tall