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Your goal is to get your pet to use the ramp.

Pet ramp training tips

An active dog who has been running and jumping his entire life may not understand that jumping up and down is making his joints hurt.  And the tiniest kitten really truly believes that clawing her way up the side of the sofa is the best way to reach the comfy spot at your side. So how do you teach a reluctant pet to try something new and scary for the first time?

Bobo on a pet ramp

The first step

Make sure your ramp fits your pet and the location where you want to use it. Have the right ramp for your pet’s size. If the ramp is too narrow or too steep, your pet won’t feel safe.  We carry ramps in four sizes to accommodate almost every size of pet and nearly every use imaginable.

Note – Measure your pet’s stance (the distance between their front paws) and add two inches. This is the width at which your pet is likely to feel comfortable. Only YOU know your pet’s abilities and agility level! Some larger dogs may be just fine on a 14″ ramp, while others won’t feel secure on anything less than 20″.  Got the wrong  size?  Contact us and we’ll work out an exchange!

2nd step

Acclimate your pet to the ramps presence by leaving it flat on the floor for a few days. Let your pet get used to this new object in their space. Encourage your pet to interact with the ramp. Let your pet get used to the look, feel, and smell of this strange new thing in their atmosphere.  After a few days try putting your pet’s bowl or favorite toy on the ramp. For a cat, try rubbing the ramp with a handful of catnip. This can help calm the cat as well hide any ‘new plastic’ smells.

3rd step

When your pet is comfortable with the ramp, leaving it flat on the floor, encourage your pet to walk back and forth on it.  When they’re willing to do this, try using a book or a brick to raise it by a few inches. Try placing treats or favorite toys on the upper part of the ramp so your pet will have to climb to get them.

Bribe him
Cat on ramp

4th step

If needed, put one hand on your pet’s collar or back to steady them while they get used to the raised surface. You can also block the sides of the ramp with boxes or have friends stand on either side of the ramp to keep your pet calm the first few times you use it at height.

Never hit, yell, or try to bully your pet into using the ramp!

With a little care and patience, you’ll soon have your pet using the ramp with ease, especially when they realize that using the ramp can mean they get to go with you.