Pet Ramp FAQ

Answers to some commonly asked Pet Ramp questions.
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Pet ramp FAQ 3 different pet ramps

10″ X 43″

14″ X 43″

14″ X 55

What sizes of Pet Ramps do you make?

Small:  10″ x 43″
Standard:  14″ x 43″
Extra wide:  20″ x 43″
Extra long: 14″ x 55

What are your pet ramps made of?

Our ramps are made of of ABS. They are vacuum formed from a single piece of plastic. There are no hinges or levers to break. The ramp is also completely waterproof and easily washed.

Pet ramp FAQ 20 X 43 white

20″ X 43″ white pet ramp

What pet ramp is best for my Dog? (Cat, Rabbit, Chinchilla, etc)

In general animals 15 pounds or smaller will be quite at home on a 10″ pet ramp. While larger dogs with broader stances will be more comfortable on an extra-wide ramp.  Cats, rabbits, chinchillas, etc will usually be fine on a smaller ramp as long it’s not too steep of an angle. Only you know your pets abilities! A three legged or tail-less cat might not have the balance to be comfortable climbing a 10″ wide ramp. Where as an active fearless kitten may have no problem bounding up and down.  The best thing to do is measure your pets stance as shown below and then add an inch to each side. This measurement gives the minimum width at which your pet will feel comfortable and safe.  That being said, we’ve met many border collies who are more than agile enough for a 10″ ramp.

Pet ramp FAQ - dog sizing

Since 1979 Bell Plastics has made great plastic parts.

Pet ramp FAQ Weight

It will also hold me!

I drive a RAV4, Mazda, Miata or Jeep Cherokee… What ramp will fit my car?

We can only speak to the vehicles that we own and drive. The best thing to do is measure your vehicle to make sure our ramps will work for you.  Take a measuring tape, extend it to 43″ (our standard ramp size) or 55″ (our extra long ramp size). Lay it at an angle as shown in the picture below to determine how steep it will be. If it’s too steep for your pet to climb, you’re better off with another ramp.  Also measure your door opening. Our 14″ ramps don’t fit the back door openings of many compact cars, and many dogs are just too big to use a 10″ wide ramp.

Pet ramp FAQ Dog sizing truck

Take the maybe out before ordering. Measuring before ordering will take the maybe out.

What if my dog or cat won’t use the ramp?

Any pet can be taught to use a ramp.

Start small and increase the height slowly.

We also have training tips in our blog. Don’t rush your pet, some animals have a difficult time with new things. Most animals can be tempted with treats, and all animals require patience.

How do I keep the ramp from slipping on tile, cement or wood surfaces?

Permanently ramps.

Worried about slippage, we sell pet ramp brakes that can be permanently bolted in place.

Portable ramps.

A scrap of shag carpet a little wider than the base of the ramp will prevent slippage.

Also when I use a ramp with my car and there is a steep angle. I place my foot on the end of the ramp to keep it from slipping.

Hardwood floors and ramps.

Putting felt, rubber or a piece of carpet on the bottom end of the ramp can keep it from scratching hardwood floors.

Link to black pet ramp brake

Pet ramp FAQ Bobo on ramp

While it took a while we got BoBo to use the ramp. Less then two days.

Pet ramp FAQ

My dog slips on the slick surface?

With time your dog will find the cross braces and learn to use them.

How much does a ramps weigh?

The small ramp weighs 5 pounds, the regular ramp is 7 pounds, extra-long is 8 pounds and the 20 x 43 weighs 10 pounds. All are light enough to lift and stow with one hand, leaving a hand free for holding the leash!

Do you make ramps in more colors?

Our ramps are available in black and white for most sizes. White is more expensive then black. If you want 500 blue pet ramps. We can have material made to order. If you only need one or two spray paint will work.

Can I use your ramp for something besides pets?

Sure! Just don’t exceed the weight limit, or use it in an unsafe manner (They are NOT designed for skateboarding stunts, etc!). All ramps are made for use up to 125 lbs animals.

Can I use a ramp in a pool?

Absolutely! We actually have a customer who purchases our ramps for her ducks. Duck feet are made of delicate cartilage that can be damaged by rough surfaces such as gravel, concrete or metal mesh. Once damaged, they develop the duck equivalent of boxer’s cauliflower ear.  In some cases crippling them for life.

The end of the ramp does have a tendency to float. We recommend filling a sport sock full of clean aquarium gravel or sand, tying it securely and laying it across the bottom of the ramp to prevent floating.

Is the ramp waterproof?

Our ramps can be hosed, washed, rinsed, left in the rain and tucked into the pool. Exposure to chlorine and direct sunlight over time will eventually discolor the ramp.

How do I clean the ramp?

It’s 100% waterproof! Just hose it off or give it a wipe with a damp rag, and you’re good to go!

What if the ramp is to steep?

It may be best if you don’t use it. If you need just a little less angle you can bolt a 2 X 4 or a 4 X 4 to the end.

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Finally, I give up can I return the ramp? Yes, you can return it, we will refund the full price of the pet ramp. We don’t refund any shipping cost.