Pool cue holder

Bell Plastics has introduced a new 2 piece wall mounted pool cue holder or rack.  The pool cue tilts back into individual slots that holds them securely to the wall.

Made from black ABS.

LINK to ABS page

Vacuum former with no seams.

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The two pieces nest together to save on shipping.

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Our new pool cue holder

Bell Plastics designed and built this pool cue holder including the tooling in house. It is a great design made to get the most from a sheet of plastic with no waste. It is also easy to trim and ship. We can do the same for you.

Pool sticks on the table

Three pool sticks on you table.

Close up of holder

Close up of bottom of pool stick rack.

Wall rack with 2 sticks leaning

Pool stick rack on wall.

Ten sticks on the wall

Pool sticks holder on wall with sticks.