Repairing plastic parts take all kinds of shapes. What about that vintage dresser with the glass-front drawers that you inherited from Aunt Mildred. (Everyone has an Aunt Mildred, don’t they?) Maybe that old crack isn’t giving it ‘character’ so much as becoming safety hazard?

We can fix that for you, too!

Here you can see that we’ve found the perfect color of green textured acrylic and bent it specifically to the existing drawer-front. Good as new!

Vintage Glass Dresser Drawer

Industrial tanks have thousands of applications and each type has its own properties and purpose. Tanks can be a substantial investment in the infrastructure of your company, and a necessary expense if you have to replace them. But when the flange on your tank starts leaking, or is worn, or has grime in the seals, who do you call?

Tank Flanges Before & After


Because we can custom-fit new flanges, repair leaky tanks, even replace old and leaky fittings so you don’t have to replace your entire tank.
*Yes, it’s NOT the same flange & tank. It’s just an example?

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Here, we used the original frosted glass bell to make a mold, then used it to form the plastic version. We fabricated the new parts with frosted acrylic and then buffed them to match the old parts. Side by side, the differences are obvious, but once hung, the new blended in beautifully with the old.

Bell Light Fixture Old & New

If you have something you’ve been thinking might be nicer with a little care and TLC, bring it by and get a quote. We’d love to help renew your old goods and make them beautiful again!


Repairing plastic parts

The customer had a Kayak that someone cut a piece out of the bottom of the hull.  Luckily they still had the missing piece. We beveled both the hull and its missing piece. Then we tacked the missing piece back in place with a plastic welder. We didn’t have any welding rod that matched the boat so we used white to weld the piece back in place. The last thing we did was remove the extra welds and smoothed out the bottom of the hull.

Airstream Trailer Windows

We can fix that for you!

Here, you can see the old faded Airstream trailer window with a large break in it side by side with the new window that we created to replace it. It’s so shiny!