Before Jack in the Box

Fifty year old Jack in the Box as delivered to us.

The beginning

We take on a lot of unusual projects, but this one really stands out. When Jack first arrived, he was only half there, faded and broken.

The customer said the only other one left was at Jack in the Box’s Corp offices. Since then a few more turned up.

He wanted it restored to original.

He called several other plastic companies but none were interested in his project. A couple suggested calling Bell Plastics but because we were so far away he did not want to make the trip. Finally, he had business locally and decided to bring Jack with him. He was surprised when I said “no big deal”.

Jack in the Box, Metal and plastic repairs

First of all, we took it apart.

The steel frame was sandblasted, missing parts were replaced, repaired and re-welded.

A missing access door was made to close up the top sheet metal.

Later the frame was powder coated to match the original color.

Using 3 different plastics and 7 different colors of plastic. Jack got new ears, hair, hat and collar. We also made spare parts.

A new speaker box cover was made and powder coated black.

Acrylic sign boards with custom vinyl letters filled in the missing sides.

A new custom steel stand raised it back off the ground and finished the project.

The customer was very happy with the finished piece. He has installed it in his backyard.

LINK to custom fabrication page

Jack In the Box finished

The end, happy customer!

Because almost all of the work was in house, we got it done in weeks, not months.

Finally, when done, it looked just like the original.

Since this one, we have help two others to repair their Jack in the Box heads.