Tiger Mech Costume a Fanime 2012 show stopper!

Costume creation gives us a break from the usual!

Bringing fantasy costume dreams to reality are some of our favorite projects. But when the stars align, the design is right, and the time-frames work, we love to custom build costumes.

So when a customer came to us for help with his Tiger Mech suit for Fanime 2012, we wholeheartedly embraced the challenge!

We only made the molds, vacuum formed and lightly trimmed the pieces. Our customer did all the finish work. He also attached all pieces to the suit.

Tiger Mech costom at fanima

We worked from!

He gave us a 6 inch Tiger Mech figure and a few photos to work from.

The helmet crest piece, in translucent green acrylic, is stunning!

Our customer had a great time at Fanime 2012, everyone want to know where he got his costume. He put 150 plus hours into the little details. I would think their hearts skipped a beat when they heard the cost.

I believe there are 16 different molds 4 of the molds were used for 2 parts. Plus 6 parts that did require molds. Totaling 26 parts plus a few spares.

We still make him a few parts for his new costumes.

LINK to Vacuum Forming Page

Check out our slideshow below for details of some of our work on this costume!

Most of the parts are vacuum formed using acrylic and styrene.

Tiger Mech costume 2012 Fanime