Non-Disclosure Agreement


NDA Non-Discloser Agreement between _________________________________ address ________________________________________ phone #________________ and Bell Plastics, 2020 National Ave. Hayward, CA 94545, (510) – 784 – 1111 Bell Plastics will use reasonable affords to keep material (drawings, photos, sketches, prototypes) disclosed private. In order to make custom products Bell Plastics will have to disclose information to Bell Plastics’ employees and sometimes will have to disclose to Bell Plastics’ material manufactures, mold makers and vendors. To minimize your exposer we will release as little information as possible. We suggest you do the same. Only give us the materials needed to make your part. Bell Plastics does not want or need extra customer data, files, logs, lists, disks, tapes, reports, surveys, marking or pricing strategies. As always the best way to keep a secret is not to disclose it to anyone. All materials disclosed to Bell Plastics will remain property of the discloser. Disclosing materials to Bell Plastics is not licensing Bell Plastics to use the materials. Bell Plastics, if asked in writing, will destroy all but one copy of materials. If Bell Plastics has prior knowledge of the materials disclosed; Bell Plastics will make the facts known to the discloser at the time disclosed. This NDA will remain in effect for two years from the date disclosed, unless the discloser makes the material public. Offering the item for sale is making it public. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. All parties agree that; any disputes arising will be resolved by binding arbitration in Alameda County, California. All parties agree that; all communication will be in the English language.


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