Big Mike Hayward’s first Giant Man – Muffler man


Big Mike first appeared at Morris Car Wash on Mission Blvd in Hayward, California in 1966. The sales man from International Fiberglass was touring the country with the statue on a trailer. The salesman made a deal with Mr. Morris for $50.00 a month.  When the Morris Car Wash closed, Big Mike went to work for Tyre Treads until they closed in 2011.  Oct 2011 Bell Plastics acquired Big Mike for more then $50.00 a month.

International Fiberglass made Giant Men from 1964 to 1972.  In the late 1990s coined the term “Muffler Men” for International Fiberglass’ Giant Men. It was a term they used to keep track of the Giant statue in house due to the fact a lot of them held mufflers in their hands.


Finally, on a bright, sunny October day (10/27/2011) with a high-lift forklift and a trailer we took Big Mike down and moved him to our secret location to await repairs and new paint. It took the newspaper two days to find our secret location forcing us to move him to our new secret location.

Big Mike coming down
Big Mike on trailer

Big Mike ready to move to our secret location.

Return to Glory:

Our friends Barry and Skip spent months repairing Big Mike. Final in March of 2013 Big Mike was finished.


March 2013 Big Mike returned to Hayward, CA, making TV news and newspapers across the country.

A surprise gift for Big Mike.

When we came into work the Monday following Big Mikes return, lying in the grass outside of our gates was a unusually shaped package with a label “To Big Mike” on a plain sheet of paper. The shape kind of gave it away, but when we opened it, we were amazed at the craftsmanship and detail on the axe!

To the nice person that donated the wonderful axe, THANK YOU! It is AMAZING! The initials “BM” engraved on the end of the handle are a particularly great touch.

Because the hands don’t line up the axe doesn’t fit Mike’s hands we just put the axe in place on special occasions. If you want to see Big Mike’s axe just stop by the office where the ax is on display.

Big Mike ax handle

Halloween !

We really like Halloween at Bell Plastics!

Big Mike in Hollyween costume

Halloween Mike

Big Mike enjoys Halloween too. He even has a great Halloween costume. If you come the month of October and we remember (which id getting harder every year) you can get your picture taken with Halloween Mike!

Big Mike in Hollyween custume

Halloween Mike makes a great photo.

For the Future:

Think army of Giant Men!

If you see any Giant statue running loose or in a need of a new home please give Bruce a call!

Big Mike LOVES guests! Please swing by normal business hours to say hi. Be sure to stop in our office and sign the guest book. If you want help taking a great picture just ask in the office we’re always happy to take your picture with our Giants.