Powermatic motor cover 66 – 72, large 5 & 7.5 HP motors

$109.00 $107.00

Powermatic Replacement Motor Cover 66 – 72, Large Motor 5 & 7.5 HP


Powermatic motor cover 66 & 72, large motor 5 & 7.5 HP

This Powermatic motor cover fits any Powermatic table saws including saws with the larger 5 HP or 7.5 HP motor.

Dimensions: 22″ x 22″ x 12″ Deep Total

This ships UPS oversize, if you have a saw with a smaller motor use the smaller Powermatic  motor cover. It ships regular UPS and will save you $20.00 on shipping.

Why a Bell Plastics’ Powermatic motor cover?

  1.       Our cover is better than the original covers. You can throw our off the roof. You may scratch it, but it won’t break.
  2.       Our motor covers have extra depth that allows for larger motors and better cooling.
  3.       Black will go with every thing.
  4.       Easy to paint. You can match your saw or shop color.
  5.       Lighter weight means lower shipping costs.
  6.       It keeps the saw chips in the saw cabinet. Saves clean up time so you don’t waste time sweeping instead of cutting.


All Powermatic doors are the same size. Including their shaper doors.

Cover is crafted from 3/8 ABS black plastic.

For sizes see attached photos and drawing.

Have questions? Call us at 510-784-1111

Ships UPS oversize.

Link to powermatic table saw & door combo

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 13 in