Pool stick rack, pool cue rack, holds 10, wall mount, black

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Wall mount pool stick holder. Holds 10 sticks. Made of thick vacuum formed ABS. With clear acrylic holders.



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Pool stick rack, wall mount, black

This 2 piece pool stick rack mounts to the wall rack and 10 pool stick – cue. The pool cue tilts back into individual slots that holds them securely to the wall. Helps prevent pool sticks warping and gets you cue off the floor. No more blue chock marks on your wall from leaning pool sticks.

Easy to install. Just screw bottom piece to wall, line up the top piece and screw it in place.

Made of black ABS with acrylic holders. Vacuum former with no seams.

LINK to ABS page

LINK to Vacuum Forming Page

The two pieces nest together to save on shipping.


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