Cowboy Don Muffler Man Bobble Head Doll

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Mini Cowboy Don Bobble Head Doll Hayward’s Muffler Man

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Mini Cowboy Don Muffler Man Bobble Head Doll

Cowboy Don muffler man, Bell Plastics’ second muffler man statue, now has his very own smaller counterparts! Mini Cowboy Don is a faithful representation of the original twenty-two foot tall fiberglass Muffler Man statues. He stands a charming seven and a half inches tall and comes with his own removable ax. “Big Don” not “Cowboy Don” is emblazoned on the front of his pedestal.

Since he is a true bubble head doll his little head bobbling to and fro with every bounce and jiggle.

Put him on your dashboard and pretend you’re driving Route 66! Keep on your work desk and tell them your troubles. They also make great gifts for Americana collectors and history buffs. As well as for anyone who remembers driving down the road and seeing these beauties standing tall and proud over the landscape.

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