Mill Table Tool Part Tray – 9 X 13 Black

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Milling Machine Tool holder – Parts Tray 9 X 13 Black

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Mill Table Tool Part Tray – Parts Tray – 9 X 13 Black

Bell Plastics’ original Mill Table Tool Part Tray bolts directly to your mill, keeping small tools and parts organized and within reach. Leaves room for your hands to rotate the mill cranks.

9″ Wide X 13″ Long
Tool Section: 1 1/2″ Deep
Pit Section: 3 1/2″ Deep
Material: Heavy duty ABS plastic.

We developed our mill trays for use in our facilities, but when we gave a few away to friends. Everyone wanted to know where they could buy more. We’ve been using them on ours mills for 15 plus years now with never so much as cracked.

No more lost pieces or loose mills. Just bolt the tray to your mill (some drilling required) and load it up with parts and pieces!

Want your lubricant bottles close? Try our new Deluxe tray!

Link to Deluxe mill tray

Link to CAT 40 mill holders

Need something made from plastic? Bell Plastics has been making great plastic parts since 1979. We have product millions of parts over the years.  Our parts go around the world and into space. Give us a call at 510-784-1111

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