Custom ER Collet Holder – Rack ER11, ER16, ER20 ER32

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Custom Collet Holder ER- Rack ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER32

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Custom ER Collet Holder – Rack ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20 ER32

Our custom ER collet holder are made in the USA.

Pick any 3 from our list and we will arrange then into a custom ER collet holder for you. Give us a call for more details.

ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER 32 also available R8, Cat30, Cat40, BT30, BT40

Put the tools you use most where you can easily reach them. Sort and organize cluttered drawers! No more collet mess!

Made of sturdy white or black ABS plastic. This milling collet rack can easily be mounted to your mill, shop wall, or shelving. Easily cuts down to smaller sizes to fit your available space.

We can custom bend it to your specifications, 90, 45 or the angle that suit your needs best, make 2 or 3 rows with different whole sizes and rack length.

Since 1979 Bell Plastics makes custom parts for table saw, dust collector and shapers. We also custom machine and vacuum form for hundreds of companies. Our parts have shipped into space and around the world. Need help making some thing in plastic please give us a call. 510 – 784 – 1111

LINK to CAT 40 Holder Black

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 6 × 6 in