Pet Ramp Brake, White, fits all of Bell Plastics’ pet ramps

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Bell Plastics’ Pet Ramp Brake White

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Bell Plastics’ Pet Ramp Brake White

Our pet ramp brake holds Bell Plastics 14″ and 20″ pet ramps in place. If you want to use one on a 10″ ramp, tell us and we will cut it down.
Prevents, slipping, and sliding!
For nearly all surfaces and applications, the “hook” on our ramps is enough to stabilize it, but sometimes you need something more.

That’s why we created our pet-ramp brakes.

These solid molded ABS plastic brakes can be screwed or bolted for permanent mounting on decks and floors, or tacked or adhesived for less permanent solutions. For carpeted surfaces we recommend adhesive velcro strip. Simply adhere the velcro to the base and press down to secure to carpeting.
For non-permanent mounting on tile, linoleum, or other easily clean-able surfaces, we recommend a silicon based adhesive such as E6000.

Does not come with mounting hardware or adhesive.

Link to more pet ramp tip

Link to 20 X 43 white pet ramp

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Dimensions 16 × 4 × 4 in