Large Rockwell Door for 14 inch table saws

$69.00 $66.99

Rockwell 14 inch table saw door.


Large Rockwell door

Our large Rockwell door only fit the 14 inch & 16 inch Rockwell table saws. All door are shipped with the vents closed.

We also carry the smaller 10 inch table saw doors.

Why a Bell Plastics’ saw door?

  1.       Our door are better than the original doors. You can throw ours off the roof. You may scratch it, but it won’t break.
  2.       Black goes with everything or you can paint to match you machine.
  3.       Easy to paint. You can match your saw or shop color.
  4.       Lighter weight means lower shipping costs.
  5.       It keeps the saw chips in the saw cabinet. Saves clean up time so you don’t waste time sweeping instead of cutting.
  6.       Made from ABS so they won’t rust.
  7.       It is made in the USA!


Size, 11″ X 16″

Door is crafted from 3/16 black ABS

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Need a door for a 10 inch Rockwell Unisaw table?

LINK to 10 inch table saw door

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 in