Atlas Shaper Door Belt Guard Set 7B Metal, SKU 1566

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Atlas 7B Metal Shaper Door and Belt Guard Set

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Atlas Shaper Door Belt Guard Set 7B Metal

Our Atlas shaper door belt guard is better than the originals. It fits atlas 7B metal shaper.

The Atlas 7B Metal Shaper “door and belt guard set” includes the 6 X 6 gear door, the large belt guard and small belt guard. The guards also fit Ammco shapers, Craftsman shapers, and South Bend shapers.  The Ammco shapers use a different door.

The guards are vacuum formed from thick ABS plastic. Making them easy to paint and long lasting.

Although you can toss ours off your roof I don’t recommend it (You could slip and fall the roof). Don’t try that with the original cast iron covers.

Large Shaper Belt Guard, LINK

Small Shaper Belt Guard, LINK

Shaper Door, LINK

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 8 in