Rockwell vacuum dust collection

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Rockwell vacuum dust collection combo.


Rockwell vacuum dust collection combo. Included is a Rockwell – Unisaw motor cover, door and dust port.

Motor cover


Rockwell vacuum dust collection starts with.

Our Rockwell motor cover fits all Rockwell table saws with the rectangle opening.

Standard model is 20.5 length x 17.5 wide x 8.5″ deep.

Why a Bell Plastics’ Rockwell – Unisaw motor cover?

  1.       Our cover is better than the original covers. You can throw ours off the roof. You may scratch it, but it won’t break.
  2.       Our motor covers have extra depth that allows for larger motors and better cooling.
  3.       Black will go with every thing.
  4.       Easy to paint. You can match your saw or shop color.
  5.       Lighter weight means lower shipping costs.
  6.       It keeps the saw chips in the saw cabinet. Saves clean up time so you don’t waste time sweeping instead of cutting.

Large dust port for Rockwell – Unisaw with a bottom chip slot.

Rockwell vacuum dust collection

Our Unisaw dust port only fits Unisaw table saw’s with the large rectangle chip chute at the bottom right hand side.

It covers the chip chute so you can attach your vacuum hose to the saw.

Vacuum formed from one solid piece out of  ABS plastic, and will last the lifetime of your saw and beyond.

Also it can be mounted on the floor to sweep chip into.

Our door fits Rockwell – Unisaw table saws with a 10 inch blade.


Rockwell door table saw shaper

Rockwell – Unisaw table saw door




























This replacement Rockwell door fits all 10 inch blade Rockwell, Unisaw and Delta models.

The original vents are molded into the doors, however the vents are left closed vent for better dust collection.

Heavy duty Black ABS 8.875 X 11.875

The door also fits your Rockwell, Unisaw and Delta wood Shapers.


PLEASE note:

All products shown here are also sold separately on this website.

We also have doors for the 12-14 inch blade Rockwell – Unisaw table saw !

10 inch Milwaukee, Delta, Rockwell and Unisaw table saws all use the same covers.

Rockwell vacuum dust collection.

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Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 22 in


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