3/16 Polycarbonate welding rod .1875 clear & black

3/16 Polycarbonate welding rod .1875 clear & black.


3/16 Polycarbonate welding rod .1875 clear & black

Bell Plastics stocks 3/16 polycarbonate welding rod. We also have CPVC, PVDF, PP, PC, PVC, ABS welding rod in stock.

Polycarbonate welding rod is sold in 1- and 5-pound coils at $36.00 per pound.

1/8,  .125,  3MM                = 185 feet per pound

5/32,  .156,  4MM             = 135 feet per pound

3/16, .1875, 4.76MM     = 90 feet per pound

Polycarbonate is not good outside.

Some polycarbonate not all is of FDA listed material.

Polycarbonate only comes in clear and black.

Temperature range -40F to 180F

3/16 Clear PC welding rod

3/16 Clear PC welding rod















Need help with your project?

Bell Plastics has welded miles of plastic. Milling, routing, bending, vacuum forming, we do that too.

For better welds always clean your sheet and welding rod before using.

Bell Plastics open house.

This year’s open house is Sunday Aug 16th 2020, 10AM to 7PM. There is a car show, machines demos, juggling, sample, shop tours and good food.

Everyone is invited.

Machine demo’s include vacuum forming, plastics polishing, die cutting, laser cutting, CNC routing, CNC milling and more.

Please email info@bellplastics.com if you want to show your car or volunteer to help out.

T-Shirts, hats, coloring book are for sale at the open house. All proceed go to Big Mike’s statue repair fund.

More about Bell Plastics

Need something made?

We make all kinds of things. Besides 3/16 polycarbonate welding rod and polycarbonate displays, guards, windshields and windows, we also do custom plastic and metal fabrication, vacuum forming and machining. Need a steel bracket to go with your part? We can make the steel bracket or a stainless-steel bracket in house. Since 1979 Bell Plastics we custom make thousands of parts every year. We do plastic forming for anything from boat windshield to guard bigger than your car. Looking for less we also make small little parts. Give us a call and see it we can help.

Bell Plastics 2020 National Ave. Hayward, CA 94545, 510 – 784 – 1111


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