14 x 43 Pet Ramp w/ Cat

These are our regular products that we create and are available in our store. From pet ramps to cupcake stands, wine-glass holders to tablesaw motor covers, the products gallery is a great place to peruse what we’re capable of, and maybe you’ll see something that, with a little variation, can be exactly the product that

HDPE Tank on Truck

The Classic Gallery contains images from 1979-1995. We’ve slowly been scanning and uploading the old photo-albums. Most of our processes have changed substantially over the years with the advent of new materials and better equipment, but our commitment to quality and our willingness to make nearly anything hasn’t changed. The Classic Gallery is a wicked

Machining Clear Acrylic

Check out some of our custom fabrication and special request projects. Laboratory dry boxes, museum display cases, chemical tanks, skylights and so much more! I’m adding images to the custom fabrication gallery as swiftly as I can, but we do so many amazing projects that it’s hard to keep up.