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Custom plastic fabrication. Need some thing made?

Bell Plastics is your “go to shop” for custom plastic fabrication since 1979.

We are a group of people that like to make things. We have hundreds of years of combined custom plastic fabrication experience, we can make almost anything you need.

In house, we have manual and computer controlled machines. Even our table saws have computers making them faster and safer. Not counting hand tools or hand held power tools; our tool list still tops 250 machines.

Due to our huge in house material inventory we can reduce order times. It is not just plastic sheets, tubes and rod but also include wood, steel and aluminum.

We do not care if your design is on a napkin or in a computer.

Still enforced is our one part minimum, but when asked we can made millions of parts . Our parts have shipped around the world and into space.

And if we can help you most likely we can point you to someone that can.

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Plastic fabrication

At Bell Plastics we can help with design, prototyping, and production of you part. We do manual and CNC machining, vacuum forming, acrylic and plastic fabrication, we even do plastics welding and rotational molding. If it is plastics give us a call.

A few of the things that we make are display boxes, boat windows, trade show displays, industrial tanks. Along with domes and skylights, machined parts and covers, safety guards for any machine and motorcycle windshields.

Plastics fabricetion solar car window

Solar powered car at the races. We made the window from 1/8 PETG.

Plastic fabrication Jack in the box repair

Original Jack in the Box speaker box after 70 hours of repairs. He came to use because we were able to do everything in house.

Plastics fabrication giant light bulb

Giant 72 inch bulb with working light, ready for painting.

Plastic fabrication mold for solar car windshield

Mold for solar car window. It was machined from a solid block of foam, fiberglass-ed, sanded and buffed to a high polish.

Plastic fabrication Jack in the Box before repairs

Original Jack in the Box drive through speaker box. As delivered to Bell Plastics for repairs. For the full story see our blog.

Plastic fabrication giant light buble testing

Giant light bulb, 72 inches high by 32 inches round before paint ready for a light test.

Plastic Facrication, Trex car wash

Custom dump truck. Air tilts, stainless steel frame and hanger, vacuum formed tires. The plastic fabrication included plastic welding and bending, and machining. It was the second one we made for them.

LINK to Trax Car Wash

plastic fabrication, trex car wash side