Stainless Steel Baking Ring Mold, 11″ X 16″ X 2″H

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11″ X 16″ x 2″ Large Rectangle Baking Mold, Cooking Mold, Ring Mold, Food Mold

10 in stock


Stainless Steel Baking Ring Mold, food mold, 11″ X 16″ X 2″H

Make sure your cake presentation is always neat and creative with our Stainless Steel Baking Ring Mold, food mold, 11″ X 16″ X 2″H!

Hand made of high-quality commercial grade stainless steel, this unique item is durable and built to last. Our molds ensures consistency of size and shape, while also cutting down on preparation time when compared to hand-molding. Additionally, it will help you with portion control, and therefore helps you to prevent waste and save on food costs!

Besides it is a versatile piece that can be used as cooking mold, cake ring, and essentially become part of your basic bakeware tools needed for your food decor.

This is the kind of item you need for a perfect bakery operation. Also, the smooth metal surface allows your food creations to easily be removed from the rings when ready to serve.

Dozens of stock sizes available, but we can custom cut whatever size you need.

Quantity discounts available!

Bell Plastics also make sneeze guards, acrylic table cover and many other restaurants products.

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