Polyethylene welding rod 3/16 natural HDPE

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Polyethylene welding rod 3/16



Polyethylene welding rod 3/16 Natural HDPE

Polyethylene welding rod 3/16

1 Pound 3/16 HDPE welding rod = 90 feet +/-

5 Pounds 3/16 HDPE welding rod = 460 feet +/-

LINK to 5/32 HDPE welding rod

When you are welding or gluing you need to weld or glue like plastics to each other. If you are welding ABS you need ABS welding rod. Even material that are close like polypropylene and polyethylene won’t weld to each other.  Others like Delrins and Teflons are very dangerous to weld do to their out gassing. You need to know what you are welding before you start.

Thermo set plastics don’t weld. Most thermo set plastics are also hard to glue.

When welding you should match your welding tip to your welding rod. If you are using a 3/16 weld rod you need a 3/16 welding tip.

Welding rod should always be stored in a closed plastic bag. Coils or straights of welding rod should never be taped.

Bell Plastics has been welding plastics since 1979. Custom hoods, tanks and sinks. We can help with all your plastic design and fabrication needs. Beside plastics we also weld aluminum, stainless steel and steel.


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