Candy Machine Extender adds 30% – Acrylic Gum Machine

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Acrylic Vending Machine – Candy Machine Extender

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Acrylic Vending Machine – Candy Machine Extender – Gum Machine Extender

Our Candy Machine Extender are made of clear acrylic and offers better scratch then other plastic.

These vending machine replacement windows expanding your machines’ capacity by 30%! Changing all 4 side will double you vending machines’ volume.

Great for busy location that tend to run out of product.  That means less maintenance and more profits!

Fitted width is 5 3/8″ x 9″.

Fits most vending machines including Oak, Beaver and Astra models.

All our customers who’ve tried these have loved them.

Installing Vending Machine Extender

Just remove top, remove the old flat window out then insert in the new extender window, next replace top.

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