Is 3D Printing Changing Plastics Fabrication?

Is 3D Printing Changing Plastics Fabrication? The short answer is ‘yes’. The complicated answer is yes, no, kind of, in many ways, and not at all. 3D Printing has made it affordable for inventors and Makers at home and in small businesses to design, prototype and build their design in their own garage. Entire markets

Tints for Boat Windshields

Tints for Boat Windshields Shades of Gray Polycast Okay, it’s time to admit it! You don’t like squinting into the sun.  Yes, those Ray-bans look awesome on you. I know it. You know it. But you’re still blinded by the reflections off the bay across the prow of your shiny cruiser. (And I’ve heard that

Tiger Mech Costume

Tiger Mech Costume Costume creation gives us a break from the usual hum-drum of tanks and windshields! When  we get the chance, bringing fantasy costume dreams to reality is one of our favorite challenges. Admittedly, we sometimes have to turn down costume requests due to unrealistic time-lines, impossible-to-emulate designs, or for  safety issues. Yes, acrylic

Machine Head

Machine Head On the Mayhem Tour! Just wanted to give a shout-out to the awesomely talented guys of the metal band Machine Head. We made some stage pieces for them a couple weeks back- a fun and interesting challenge. (Sorry we were late getting them out, guys! Thanks for your patience!) They’re now off and